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Radio Hong Kong 

Broadcasting House

Location: Lung Cheung Road, Kowloon
Category: Education

Architect: N. J. PAPPAS & Association Montreal
Project year: 1968

Designed by Canadian architecture firm N.J. PAPPAS & Association Montreal, Radio HK Building is heavily influenced by Brutalism – a modern architecture style evolved from the better-known Bauhaus movement. The aesthetic of the media complex is formed by multiple box-like masses.  By breaking a single building into different masses using different materials and patterns, it helps increase the overall design’s weightlessness.  A total area of 54,000 square feet spread over the four floors in the main block – each has a different layout serving different purposes. The exterior of the building is reinforced by a rectangular concrete frame.  To create a contrast, the façade of the other two blocks are outlined in diamond patterns.  The structure in front of the main block is visually divided into sandwich-like smaller boxes with a truss in the middle. A part of it protrudes from the slope as if it is suspended in the air. A design like this is a rare find in Hong Kong – a nod to the design by trendsetting UK architect Cedric Price in the 1960s.  Looking over to the left of the reception lobby is an exoskeleton structure. By placing its support on the spine and frame on the outside, it creates a spacious hall with fewer pillars inside.  The future of the modernist example is unclear as both the government and Radio Hong Kong are seeking ways to find new space for the public broadcaster’s headquarter.  Authorities are considering relocating the public broadcaster headquarter to share a building with other government departments.  

由加拿大建築事務所N.J. PAPPAS & Association Montreal設計,香港電台大樓的建築風格粗野主義影響 -- 粗野主義是由著名的包浩斯運動演變而來的一種現代建築風格。 建築群體由多個盒狀的建築物組成,通過使用不同的材料和圖案,建築師把一個大型的建築物分成拆成不同的建築體,減輕整體設計的笨重感。 建築群總面積為54,000平方英尺,分佈在主樓的四個樓層 -- 每個樓層都有不同的佈局,配合不同需要,建築物的外部由格仔形混凝土框架加固。 為了創造對比性,其他兩個建築物的外牆框架是菱形圖案。 主樓前面的建築物由一個個盒子組成,中間有一個突出的桁架,視覺上有點像一份份三明治般,其中一部分從斜坡突出,懸浮在空中一樣,這樣的設計在香港是罕見的,帶點1960年代引領潮流的英國建築師塞德里克·普萊斯(Cedric Price)的設計的影子。 接待大廳的左側是一個外骨骼結構建築,外骨骼結構意思是把支撐建築物的主樑放置在外牆的脊柱和框架上,減少內部所需要的支柱,營造一個寬敞無柱的大廳。 近年,政府和香港電台都正在為公共廣播機構總部尋找更新更大的空間,當局正在考慮重新安置公共廣播機構總部都新的地方,或把它搬到與其他政府部門共用一座大樓,使這幢摩登建築的未來變得不明確。 

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