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China Merchant Building


Location: Connaught Road Central, Sheung Wan
Category: Commercial
Project year: 1979

Located on Connaught Road Central, China Merchant Building is a modernist architecture with influence from Brutalism. Built in 1979, the building’s façade is composed of raw concrete and glass with a seemingly unfinished surface, making it an unpretentious and cheap commercial building.  The blocky building has a rigid geometric outer frame. The exterior of the building is covered by grid-style brise-soleil helps shield the interior from intense sunlight and also provides slots for installing air conditioners as well as sloped window sills that help shed rainwater.  The lower floors of the building are deeper than the upper floors.  

招商局大廈座落於干諾道中,是一座現代主義建築,受到粗野主義的影響。 大廈外牆由純粹的混凝土和玻璃窗組成,混凝土的表面看似沒有上油漆,這類商業建築外貌粗獷不修邊幅,建造成本低。 包裹著招商局大廈建築外牆的是一個幾何圖形的外框,混凝土外框以網格式的遮陽板組成,除有助於控制照射到室內的陽光光線外,還為冷氣機提供插槽位置,窗下有向外傾斜的窗台位置,有助於排出雨水。 建築物的低樓層比較高樓層更深更長。 

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