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The Hong Kong Arts Centre


Location: Wanchai
Category: Cultural

Architect: Ho Tao 何弢
Project year: 1977

In the late 1970s, Tao Ho, Bill Bailey and King-man Lo envisioned a non-government arts organization “of the people, for the people and by the people”. As a result, The Hong Kong Arts Centre was born. Designed by Tao Ho himself, the angular building poses a striking contrast to its neighboring architecture. The then-new Hong Kong Arts Centre became one of the first platforms in town – and in the world -- to incorporate art forms under one roof. The 16-story-tall building is home to theatres, recital hall, galleries, a sculpture terrace, restaurants and offices. McAulay Studio in the lower basement is an intimate theatre with 76 moveable seats whereas the three-story Shouson Theatre is the building’s largest venue with 439 seats. It boasts one of the city’s first arthouse movie cinema -- now named Louis Koo Cinema -- with 119 seats. Pao Galleries is a split-level exhibition space on the 4/F and 5/F. A tour inside the building you will see natural light fills the space, especially inside the four-story atrium. Special light pits are created around the center to capture natural daylight and conserve energy. The geometric architectural style continues throughout the building, featuring a hexagon-shaped spiral staircase, a triangular waffled ceiling and triangular patterns on the building’s external service. The design was awarded the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Silver Medal, Hong Kong’s highest architectural honor. 

在1970年代後期,何弢,白懿禮和盧景文設想了一個「為民間擁有」、「為民間服務」和「由民間營運」的藝術機構,香港藝術中心因此誕生了。 由何弢親自設計,棱角分明的香港藝術中心與其鄰近的摩天大樓形成鮮明對比。 當時新開幕的香港藝術中心成為香港 -- 甚至是世界上 -- 最先將不同藝術形式融入同一屋簷下的平台之一。 這座16層高的香港藝術中心包含了劇院、演奏廳、畫廊、雕塑露台、餐廳和辦公室等等。 位於底層的麥高利小劇場是擁有76個可移動座位的小型劇院,而樓高三層的壽臣劇院是香港藝術中心內最大的場地,擁有439個座位。香港藝術中心擁有香港第一家藝術電影院 -- 現在名為古天樂電影院,共有119個座位。 包氏畫廊是一個位於4樓和5樓的複式展覽空間。 自然光充滿著建築物內部,特別是在樓高四層的中庭內,這是因為設計師在中心周圍創造了特殊的光坑,來捕捉自然光線同時節約能源。 幾何建築風格貫穿整個建築,包括中庭內六角形的螺旋樓梯,三角形的格仔天花板以及建築外牆的三角形圖案外框。 香港藝術中心的設計獲頒香港建築師學會銀獎,該獎項是香港最高建築榮譽。 

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